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That Secretly Seduce the Mind to Instantly Get Aroused

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That Secretly Seduce the Mind to Instantly Crave Sex

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  • Works with Any Audio or Video
  • Creates Heightened Aroused State
  • Arousing Fission Audio Mask
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Infuse The Mind With Sexual Desire

What We Do

We embed Secret Sexual Suggestions into any Song or Video
Inducing anyone to feel relaxed, aroused and open-minded
Subliminizer® Plants Erotic Feelings directly into Anyone's Head using a
Proven Technique to Make the Subconscious Mind Think About Sex

Get Relaxed & Aroused

Our proven technique of audio suggestion has been developed and perfected with expert techniques used by psychologists, hypnotists and produced by master audio engineers and seduction expert. We have perfected the art and science to unlock a highly effective method to subliminally arouse your mind. Our service gives you the ability modify any song or video and perfectly blend effective seductive audio infusions and secret sexual suggestions that will naturally arouse anyone and make them feel open and excited.

Developed By a Master Audio Engineer

Our work is mixed in a state of the art professional recording studio by our audio engineer for the highest quality audio embeds. We expertly embed sexual suggestions and erotic audio into your music and videos with a technique that is not noticeable to the conscious mind, but will make any listener begin to think about sex and feel aroused.

seductive audio seduction audio recording studio

make the mind feel Aroused

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seductive audio seduction audio recording studio


The seductive power of subliminal music

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Make Anyone Feel Horny

Secret Sexual Suggestions

Created by a Psychologist and Hypnotist

Subtly Blended Into Any Music or Movie You Want

Expertly Mixed in our Recording Studio

Guaranteed to Arouse Anyone

Privacy Guaranteed

Yes! It really works!

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